Video, Installation and Performance

Valentina Medda

Daily Noise

Piece: Daily Noise ©Valentina Medda

daily noise_stage photography

Smith Galtney

Piece: Frankie Knuckles. ©Smith Galtney

Julie Nyman

Piece: Kys – Kiss ©Julie Nyman

What if we were able to see ourselves as the other? Inspired by the observer and self-image the performance explores the gaze in an intimate act: attraction and repulsion.
In a theatre of two identical figures the sensation of differentness is in focus, like a doppelganger looking into a mirror, the emotions brought on by seeing the same but feeling different is the primary.

Featured In: 
 LICHT FELD 13 Biennale, Basel
 Exhibition Catalog, Cover + Page 74 -77 and 119
SCRAPPED, Multi Disciplinary Art Magazine, New York
 Hit it, Page 44 - 45 

Ela Apa

Piece: Follow the Light ©Ela Apa

Satoshi Tsuchiyama

From the series, Pulsing. ©Satoshi Tsuchiyama

 Lines, forms, dimensions.
 A clock, ticking.
 Pressure and pleasure to design a decisive moment.
Video (2min 30sec, Loop),Projector, Plastic Panels (Tables)

Dustina Wessman -Smerdon

Piece: Underbelly ©Dustina Wessman -Smerdon

Mai Vie De Monat

Piece: Hate Love ©Mai Vie De Monat

Francisco Fernandez

Not more than 35 ©Francisco Fernandez