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Alumni & Faculty News – Gillian Laub, Monika Bravo , Amin Husain , Nitasha Dhillon, Qian Ma, Malin Fezehai

Gillian Laub GS’98 is featured in The Daily Beast in anticipation of the premiere of her new film Southern Rites on HBO on May 18.

Monika Bravo GS’95 is featured in ‘El “boom” del arte contemporaneo colombiano se siente en Nueva York’ in Noticias RCN.
Monika Bravo GS’95 is interviewed in Vice Colombia.

Alums Amin Husain GS’10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS’10 can be seen in the photographs of the first Gulf Labor action in the Venice Biennale, reported in “Gulf Labor and Other Arts Groups Occupy Venice’s Guggenheim #GuggOccupied” in Hyperallergic.

Malin Fezehai GS’04 and faculty member Maggie Steber are judges for the upcoming Getty Images grants for photographers using Instagram.

Qian Ma GS’14 has work in issue 14 of Nicotine magazine.

Alumni & Faculty News – Lamia Abillama , Ji Yeo, Sofia Cordova, Xavier Lujan, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon

Lamia Abillama GS’06 is profiled in “For the Women of Lebanon, Camouflage Can Feel Like a Second Skin” in Slate.

Ji Yeo GS’06 published a portfolio “Photos from Inside Seoul’s Plastic Surgery Clinics” in Vice.
Sofia Cordova GS’05 is featured in Redefine Magazine.

Xavier Lujan GS10 MFA14 is featured in “The New York Times Portfolio Reivews – Day 1” by Elizabeth Avedon in L’oeil de la Photographie.

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 received ample news coverage in their participation with G.U.L.F. in the May Day occupation of the Guggenheim Museum. 

Alumni & Faculty News – Allen Frame, Carlos Motta, Marina Berio, Amin Husain, Heather O’Brien, Nitasha Dhillon,

Heather O’Brien GS09 hosts a book launch and live reading of the book she edited I see in the sea nothing except the sea. I don’t see a shore. I don’t see a dove with contributions by faculty members Allen Frame, Carlos Motta, GS Chair Marina Berio, Amin Husain GS10, Nitasha Dhillon GS10, and Bridget de Gersigny MFA13 at the Camera Club of New York, March 30.

Alumni & Faculty News – Pax Paloscia, Florence Montmare, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon, Kristoffer Axen

Pax Paloscia GS07 is in the group show Stanze – Reinventing Renaissance Rooms at the Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, Italy, February 17 – March 5

Florence Montmare GS00 presents a storytelling event at the Roger Smith Hotel, February 18

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 are cited in “Cultural boycott of Israel gains momentum” in The Art Newspaper

Kristoffer Axen GS09 is interviewed in The Arts Factory Magazine

Alumni & Faculty News – Eri Morita, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Fryd Frydendahl, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon

Eri Morita GS96 is the winter of the JGS Photography Contest, Third quarter 2014 for In this Beautiful Bubble

Faculty member Jean-Christian Bourcart republished on Camouflage, Voyeurism and Wearing Masks (1999) in AmericanSuburbX

Fryd Frydendahl GS09 is interviewed in Artistas Sean Unidos
Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 along with Nicholas Mirzoeff wrote “Against Amnesia: the Cultural Boycott of Israel Matters” for Hyperallergic

Alumni & Faculty News – Joseph Rodriguez, Christophe Tedjasukmana, Mauro Restiffe, Nitasha Dhillon, Egan Frantz

Faculty member Joseph Rodriguez GS85 writes “When You Know Where the Bottom is” for Acts of Witness

Christophe Tedjasukmana GS06 reports on the International Mr. Leather Conference for Vice magazine

Mauro Restiffe GS95 has a solo show Sao Paulo, beyond reach at the Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro, June 7 – September 28

Nitasha Dhillon GS10 is quoted in “Over 100 Artists and Intellectuals Call for Withdrawal from Creative Time Exhibition” in Hyperallergic

Egan Frantz GS08 is in the group show Infinitude at Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles, June 7 – July 12

Alumni & Faculty News – Roberta Marroquin Doria, Gillian Laub, Michi Jigarjian, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon

Roberta Marroquin Doria GS09 photographed Carolina Herrera for Hola Argentina and is profiled in L’Oeil de la Photographie

Faculty member Gillian Laub GS98 in in The New York Times Magazine story “Where the World’s Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away”

Michi Jigarjian GS09 MFA12 and Libby Pratt MFA12 launch Mold: Pedestal Issue 1 from  Secretary Press with contributions from Nica Ross MFA12 and faculty member Nancy Davenport at Printed Matter, March 7

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 are quoted in “Protest Action Erupts Inside Guggenheim Museum” in Hyperallergic and are interviewed in Art in America. Dhillon is also quoted in the PRI story “Protesters take over the Guggenheim on behalf of workers a world away”

Alumni & Faculty News – Emile Hyperion Dubuisson, Valentina Medda, Ayumi Tanaka, Tina Ruisinger, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon, Osvaldo Ponton, Matthew Carson, Victor Sira, Shiori Kawasaki

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson GS07 published the book FAR, with a foreword by Boris Mikhailov, from ADAD Books

Valentina Medda GS09 has a show Presence – Intervention sur Cartes Postales at Recollets, Paris, opening September 10

Ayumi Tanaka GS10 received the Grand Prix award at the Tokyo International Photography Competition which will be shown at the Tokyo Institute of Photography, August 21 – September 8 and in NYC at United Photo Industries, Brooklyn, September 5 – October 26

Faculty member Joni Sternbach NYU/ICP87 is interviewed in Foam Magazine

Tina Ruisinger GS96 is in the Bodrum Bienali, Bodrum, Turkey September 2 – November 2 

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 wrote “The Slow, Sure Death of Palestine” for Creative Time Reports

Osvaldo Ponton GS10 is profiled in Issuu magazine

Staff member Matthew Carson, ICP Library blogger Russet Lederman, faculty member Victor Sira PJ91 and Shiori Kawasaki PJ07 organized 10×10 American Photobooks, an exhibition and catalog, with essays by faculty member Bernard Yenelouis, at the Tokyo Institute of Photography September 11 – October 6