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Alumni & Faculty News – Egan Frantz, Sofia Cordova, Matthew Monteith, Allen Frame

Egan Frantz GS08 and Liz Wendelbo selected the UbuWeb Top Ten for March 2015

Faculty members Hank Willis Thomas, Susan kae Grant, and Jessica Todd Harper speak at the SPE National Conference in New Orleans, March 12 – 15
Sofia Cordova GS06 speaks at the Get Ur Freak On: Music, Weirdness, and Transgression conference at the EMP Museum, Seattle, April 17
Faculty member Allen Frame moderates “New Directions in Transgender Representation” a conversation with Zackary Drucker and Mariette Pathy Allen at the Camera Club of New York, March 23.

Alumni & Faculty News – Fryd Frydendahl, Matthew Monteith, Salome Oggenfuss

Fryd Frydendahl GS09 is one of the organizers of the 5th Annual CCNY Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair at the Camera Club of New York, held at the Foley Gallery ; Fryd is interviewed in Opaque Journal

Matthew Monteith GS95 has a solo exhibition The Explainers at the Mebane Gallery, University of Texas – Austin, September 8 – October 10 ; Matthew gives a gallery talk on September 17

Salome Oggenfuss GS04 has a Kickstarter campaign for “The Other Side of Fashion Week” ; Salome is interviewed in Dazed

Alumni & Faculty News – Andre Viking, Josefine Seifert, Allen Frame, Matthew Monteith, Frances Denny

Andre Viking GS14 and Josefine Seifert GS13 have an exhibit Lost Tail at Littlefield Performance + Art Space, July 10 – August 2

Faculty member Allen Frame is quoted in TIME LightBox

Matthew Monteith GS95 is mentioned and photographed in the byline “House of Style” in Artforum

Frances Denny GS10 is in the group show Seven Stories Tall at Clampart, July 10 – 18

Alumni & Faculty News – Heather O’Brien, Matthew Monteith, Frances Denny, Joe Rodriguez

Heather O’Brien GS09 curated the exhibition I see in the see nothing except the sea. I don’t see a shore. I don’t see a dove. with faculty member Carlos Motta at the Camera Club of New York, April 19 – May 17; ther will be a roundtable discussion facilitated by Amin Husain GS10 on May 10

Faculty member Matthew Monteith GS95 has work in the Andrea Meislin Gallery booth at AIPAD April 10 – 13

Frances Denny GS10 has a portfolio in Aint-Bad Magazine



Alumnus News

Matthew Monteith GS95 has an image in the article “The Bowery Gets a Shiny New Art Gallery” in the New York Times  

Alumni News

Matthew Monteith GS95 and Felix R. Cid GS05 are in the group show After the Fall at Garis & Hahn, curated by Andrea Pemberton, January 11 – February 16, Allison Walter GS10 as Allison Wonderland will show photographs at the club event Trey LaTrash Presents:… Read More