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Alumni & Faculty News – Christopher Morris, Martine Fougeron ,Anna-Paola Pizzocaro, Rhea Karam

Christopher Morris GS’81 photographed “Donald Trump’s Suite of Power” for Time Magazine

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS’06 photographed “The club where business meets gender politics” for the Financial Times

Anna-Paola Pizzocaro GS’09 was awarded the Bartholomew Meeker Award for her work in the exhibit Interiors at the Salmagundi Art Club

Myriam Abdelaziz PJ’06, Mike Fernandez PJ’11, Rhea Karam GS’07 and faculty members Corinne Botz and Jean-Christian Bourcart are in the group exhibition the 2017 Aperture Summer Open: On Freedom curated by For Freedoms, July 14 – August 17


Alumni & Faculty News – Allen Frame, Leonora Hamill, Martine Fougeron, Monika Bravo

Faculty member Allen Frame interviews Leonora Hamill GS03 for Spot from the Houston Center for Photography.
Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 photographed the story “Major League Soccer arrives in New York with NYCFC” for the Financial Times.
Monika Bravo GS95 is in conversation with Carla Stellweg at Y Gallery NY April 3.

Alumni & Faculty News – Martine Fougeron, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Frances Denny

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 speaks about her residency at the Lycee Francais de New York Frances Denny GS10 photographed “Confessions of a Beauty Buyer: Catbird” for Harper’s Bazaar Gaia Squarci PJ12 and Sara Skorgan Teigen GS12 have been selected for the group… Read More

Alumni & Faculty News – Alex Morel, Martine Fougeron, Tricia Rosenkilde

Alex Morel GS95 speaks at Plataforma Panorama, Santiago, Dominican Republic, November 18 Faculty member Tricia Rosenkilde is featured in the Mrs Sizzle blog Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 is profiled in “Selfies d’artistes en herbe” in the LFNY Life blog  

Alumni & Faculty News – Martine Fougeron, Sofia Cordova, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Bill Armstrong,

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 photographed “A Day in the Life of Dominique Ansel” for The Wall Street Journal

Sofia Cordova GS05 is reviewed in Art Practical<

Faculty member Jean-Christian Bourcart speaks at The American Library in Paris, France, November 11

Faculty member Bill Armstrong has a solo show infinity at Forma Galleria, Milan, September 18 – November 18 ; Bill is in the group show The Noir Effect, at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, through March 1, 2015 ; the group show Leitmotif at Hackelbury Fine Art, London, October 16 – December 19 ; the group show Performance: Contemporary Photography from the Douglas Nielsen Collection at the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, through January 4, 2015 ; the group show Collectors Eye: the Maloney Collection, at Fotofest, Houston, TX, through November 29 ; and the group show Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography, at the Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY, December 6 – March 15

Alumni & Faculty News – Alessandra Sanguinetti, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Martine Fougeron, Joseph Rodriguez

Alessandra Sanguinetti GS92 is in the group show The Photographer’s Playspace at the Aperture Foundation, November 19 – January 29

Faculty member Jean-Christian Bourcart has a launch party for his book All About Love, with a text by Nan Goldin, (Editions Loco, 2014) at Bizarre Bushwick, October 17

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 is a mentor in The Photography Master Retreat, July 11 – 18, 2015 in La Bastide d’Esparon, France

Faculty member Joseph Rodriguez GS85 is in the show Migrantes and Aftermath, for the Fotofocus Biennial, Pearlman Gallery at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, September 26 – October 24

Alumni & Faculty News – Qian Ma, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Martine Fougeron, Flemming Ove Bech

Qian Ma GS14 is reviewed in aPhotoEditor

Faculty member Jean-Christian Bourcart is in the group show XXX at BANK at MABSOCIETY, Shanghai, opening September

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 has a solo show Heart of the South Bronx: Trades opening at the Half King Photo Series on September 17; Martine speaks with Elisabeth Biondi at Half King on September 17

Lodret Vandret the publisher run by Flemming Ove Bech GS09 is featured in Juxtapoz

Alumni & Faculty News – Fryd Frydendahl, Martine Fougeron, Joseph Rodriguez, Frances Denny

Fryd Frydendahl GS09 is interviewed in Vice

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 is in the group show BRONX Artist Documentary Project, at the Bronx Documentary Center, opening September 13; she’s also featured in the PDN Photo of the Day

Faculty member Joseph Rodriguez GS85 is featured in Stern; he’s also in the group show A Story To Tell at Hardhitta Gallery, Berlin, Germany, September 17 – 28

Frances Denny GS10 is among Aline Smithson’s “Five Favorite: Photographers to Watch” in Light Leaked

Alumni & Faculty News – Athena Torri, Yael Ben-Zion, Lamia Abillama, Martine Fougeron, Anja Hitzenberger

Athena Torri GS10 has a portfolio The Outsider in Yet Magazine

Viviana Peretti PJ10, Antonio Bolfo PJ09, Yael Ben-Zion GS07, Lamia Abillama GS06, faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06, faculty member Lauren Greenfield, faculty member Ron Haviv, faculty member Ed Kashi, Ilana Panich-Linsman PJ09, and faculty member Jonathan Torgovnik were selected for American Photography 30

Faculty member Anja Hitzenberger GS91 teaches Developing Your Composition Skills, September 21

Alumni & Faculty News – Joseph Rodriguez, Martine Fougeron, Kristoffer Axen, Yael Ben-Zion, Monika Bravo

Faculty member Joseph Rodriguez GS85 is profiled by AS220 Youth

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 is profiled in DART Design Arts Daily

Kristoffer Axen GS09 has a solo show The Grey Room at Galerie Pi, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 23 – June 21

Yael Ben-Zion GS07 is interviewed in The Literate Lens

Monika Bravo GS95 and faculty member Carlos Motta exhibit work with Instituto de Vision at arteBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 23 – 26