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Photographs of the Week- May 3, 2015

As we all are running around trying to meet deadlines, here is the first post of this month! Presenting works by Roberto Andrade Martini, Shaye Babb, Annie Klebanoff, Julia Pontes, Sakshi Parikh, Nitzan Rubin, Ram Kanjanavanit and Petronella Aslund.


Roberto Andrade Martini (Location Lighting assignment)


Shaye Babb

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.59.26 PM

Annie Klebanoff

aslund_2015_35mm_203 001

aslund_2015_35mm_210 001

Julia Pontes and Petronella Aslund (Underwater dream series)

Olga-Sakshi Parikh

Sakshi Parikh (Location Lighting assignment)


Nitzan Rubin

Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-4 Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-7

Ram Kanjanavanit

aslund_2015_35mm_269 001

Petronella Aslund (Palmer, Massachusetts)


24/7- Petronella Aslund – GS 15 – Sweden

nellla_3f_107 001

Petronella Aslund


Age: 22

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

What were you doing before ICP?

Before ICP, I worked for an online magazine, shooting festivals and concerts. Then I started studying in the photo program at Bergh School of Communications in Stockholm. After graduation I applied to ICP and Parsons School and got accepted in both. I had to defer for a year because I was broke and to save up for tuition I started working nights in Postal services.

9:30am: It’s hard to wake up because the school keeps me up all the time. I crawled out of bed and showered (although I didn’t want to!)

10am: Had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I had breakfast in my bed because I have creepy flatmates.

10:30am: To get a glimpse of daylight in my bedroom, I started shoot self portraits until 12.

12:30pm: Got ready to go to school. Left my apartment in Crown Heights at 1pm and I took the 2 train to Times Square. I listened to Game of Thrones audiobook all the way to school while playing 2048 on my phone because it is relaxing.

1:45pm: Walked across super crowed Times Square.

2pm: Attended Production Seminar by Frank Franca till 5pm. Production Seminar is the class where we all get ready for the final exhibition and end of the school year portfolios. This class generally runs till 5:30 because all of us have a lot to say!

5:30pm: I go develop the black and white film I shot this morning.

6:30pm: I get some dinner because I realized I haven’t eaten anything since the bagel.

7pm: I finish my dinner and go scan my negatives in the Digital Media Lab B while printing for my friday class. And since I am a control freak and a perfectionist I end up spending my entire evening printing in the lab because my prints have to be perfect. 

12:30pm:  I get kicked out of the lab because the school is closing.

1am: I get on the Q train from Times Square (2 was running slow) and get off at Prospect Part and walk for about 15 minutes on the dark and empty streets to reach my apartment in Crown Heights.

2am: I realized that I haven’y eaten anything since 6:30pm so I have a bowl of yogurt and watch Elementary which is so exciting that I can’t sleep. Then I start watching FRIENDS on Netflix so that I can sleep as my annoying flatmate is snoring loudly.

4:30am: Off to bed.

10am: I get up after 5 hours of sleep to head back to ICP again because I have so much work to do!

Photographs of the Week- February 27, 2015

Say Hello to this week’s artists, Petronella Aslund, Erin Shipley, Shaye Babb, Nitzan Rubin, Kirsten Murphy, Rick Schatzberg and Sakshi Parikh!!

nellla_3f_027 001 aslund_2015_120mm_174 001 aslund_2015_120mm_177 001

Petronella Aslund


Erin Shipley


Shaye Babb

Nitzan_Rubin (1)

Nitzan Rubin

Pink Umbrella_2

Kirsten Murphy


Rick Schatzberg

Sakshi Parikh-1

Sakshi Parikh

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Photographs of the Week- February 06, 2015

Hello!!Let’s kickstart this month by featuring Annie Klebanoff, Wirasandi Ruslan, Kirsten Murphy, Ela Apa, Petronella Aslund, Nicole Kouri, Joana Cardozo, Shaye Babb, Erin Shipley, Nitzan Rubin, Sakshi Parikh, Ram Kanjanavanit and Maria Fe Romero.

JerseyColor_6_12/08/14 001

Annie Klebanoff


Wirasandi Ruslan


Kirsten Murphy

Ela APA_Breaking Shell

Ela Apa


Petronella Aslund


Nicole Kouri

Joana Cardozo-5299

Joana Cardozo-5262

Joana Cardozo


Shaye Babb


Erin Shipley

Scan_12 001

Nitzan Rubin


Sakshi Parikh

RAM 04

Ram Kanjanavanit


Maria Fe Romero

The ICP School is accepting applications for the one-year certificate General Studies program – get more information and apply online. Deadline is Friday, March 6, 2015.

Photographs of the Week- January 09, 2015

This is our very first edition of Photographs of the Week. This category focuses on showcasing the work of the current ICP General Studies 2015 students. For this week we have Ram Kanjanavanit, Nitzan Rubin, Wirasandi Ruslan, Veronica Cerna, Petronella Åslund, Kirsten Murphy, Marc Qimeng Zhao, Cristias Rosas and Shaye Babb.

Ram Kanjanavanit

      Ram Kanjanavanit

Nitzan Rubin

Nitzan Rubin

Wiransandi Ruslan

Wirasandi Ruslan


Veronica Cerna

nellla_3f_ 005

Petronella Åslund


Kirsten Murphy

Marc Qimeng Zhao--01

Marc Qimeng Zhao

Cristias Rosas 01

Cristias Rosas


Shaye Babb