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Student Work – Talita Zaragoza

Talita Zaragoza – Alumna GS 14 – Brazil

Talita Zaragoza, born in São Paulo in 1985, works mainly with drawings and photography. In 2008 she received her B.A. in Fine arts and in 2010 her Master’s in Art History. Since 2012 she has lived in New York, where she studied at the ICP – International Center for Photography’s on the General Studies one-year course. Living in Brooklyn, Zaragoza develops her personal projects inspired mainly by nature, by the micro and macro, action and reaction, transience and permutable aesthetics. She also works as Studio Manager for the artist Janaina Tschäpe.

Artificial Landscapes: The Greenhouse Project

Nature and more-over landscape design have always enchanted me. This attempt of humanity to dominate, to shape and control nature is not recent; for a very long time we have this need to control and to reaffirm our power over nature.
This phenomenon happens with greenhouses with on another level, where in addition to the manipulation of size and specimen of plants used, there is the creation and maintenance of the entire environment with controlled temperature and light. It is like a magical place hidden from the rest, a sort of bubble.
The fogginess that occurs on the lenses is a result of the change in temperature, used in my favor as a way to reaffirm the fact that this is not a natural environment while also providing a sense of dreaminess and imagination.
Reflecting on this, it came to me a suggestion where it will happen an inversion. At this moment there are few artificial landscapes and many natural ones. In maybe 60, 80 years from now, due to global climate change, deforestation and other threats, this situation might invert and we will have more artificial and only a few “real,” natural landscapes. These few real ones, will be protected and closed to the public just like the Lascaux caves (quoted by Baudrillard in “Simulacra and Simulation”); and there will be a reproduction, or a simulacrum of them, so that we may experience the ancient real landscapes.


Smith Galtney – Alumnus GS 14 – United States

Smith Galtney – Alumnus GS 14 – United States

The project you developed while at ICP was called “Being Boring.” Tell me how that came about.
I’m in my mid-40s, which is a good deal older than most of my classmates. Some of them would go off and photograph their crazy weekends, or they’d get naked in empty studios and take self-portraits of themselves all tied up. And here I was, showing pictures of my dog and my partner picking out leeks at the farmer’s market. I felt very self-conscious, like maybe my life lacked any necessary friction to create good work. But I’ve always hated the myth that you need to live in chaos in order to be worthy artist, and the idea of trying to present a content, settled life in a way that was interesting and not sentimental seemed like the right challenge.

How did text become a part of the project?
Honestly? Because my pictures weren’t very good! I’d been a working journalist for over 20 years, yet I’d only been at this photography thing for three. So my approach to making images was extremely, almost embarrassingly literal. Darin Mickey once told me, “Take a picture of your dog, without the dog in it.” And I had no idea how to do that. But, if wrote about the dog, everybody seemed really moved. It wasn’t until Martine Fougeron flat-out said, “The writing is better than the pictures,” that I decided text would be a major element of what I hung in the graduation show. Whatever it took to support the pictures, since they weren’t quite strong enough yet to stand on their own.

You framed three letters along with three pictures. Why letters?
I needed a way to acknowledge the past. My life used to be very Nan Goldin in certain ways – drugs, rehab, relapse – only I didn’t carry a camera around then. So the letters were the most obvious way of suggesting a troubled history, one that would hopefully give the photos some bite. I’m actually very proud and a little defensive of how domesticated my life is now. If you spend enough time in drug dens, doing normal things like cooking and maintaining a house feel pretty radical.

Who’s David?
David was a guy I dated in the mid-90s. I was just out of college and he was 45, and we had this ridiculously tempestuous relationship. He wanted me to settle down, but I just wanted to get wasted, and after a very on-again/-off-again few years, we finally broke up. He died from AIDS-related illness in 2002.

While at ICP, I’d pass by his old apartment anytime I walked to K&H for supplies. It was weird to realize I was his age now, and that somehow I managed to become a relatively responsible middle-aged person. So I started writing these letters to him, letting him know how I was doing and how much the world had changed for gay men.

How has marriage influenced your work?
Well, considering that my partner was the one who suggested I take up photography, I’d say entirely. Gay marriage is often portrayed in a very inspirational light – a triumph over adversity, a tale of love conquering all, etc. And it’s a subject that people take way too seriously. Yes, I was overwhelmed by the Supreme Court decision in June. I was aware of the history being made. But otherwise, in my day-to-day, everything feels so average and unremarkable. I do laundry. I bake. I look after a dog with persistent eye and skin issues. I’ve basically become my mother.

What have you been up to since graduating last year?
Shortly after moving back to Maine, where we live, I was commissioned by a foundation in Portland to do a series of portraits of all the people who make up Maine’s HIV/AIDS community. The show got lots of attention in the local press, which was really cool. Other than that, I’m constantly working on Being Boring – shooting, editing, sequencing – and I keep in regular touch with classmates and teachers. In fact, in July, I attended a photography retreat in the south of France. It was hosted by Martine Fougeron, and I’m pleased to report that not once did she say my pictures needed the help of my writing!

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Photographs of the Week- June 1, 2015

It’s three weeks to our final show and all of us are running around to meet the deadlines! Let’s see what the GS students are up to amidst the chaos! Works by Shaye Babb, Izabela Jurcewicz, Ram Kanjanavanit, Nitzan Rubin, Julia Pontes, Petronella Aslund, Kirsten Murphy and Sakshi Parikh.


Shaye Babb

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Izabela Jurcewicz (Ongoing Series)


Ram Kanjanavanit


Nitzan Rubin (If Tattoos Told the Truth)

aslund_2015_35mm_208 001 aslund_2015_35mm_192 001 aslund_2015_35mm_187 001

Julia Pontes & Petronella Aslund (Underwater Dream Series)

aslund_2015_35mm_391 001aslund_2015_35mm_342 001 aslund_2015_35mm_272 001

Petronella Aslund (Palmer, Massachusetts)


Kirsten Murphy

zigsaw copy

Sakshi Parikh

Photographs of the Week- May 3, 2015

As we all are running around trying to meet deadlines, here is the first post of this month! Presenting works by Roberto Andrade Martini, Shaye Babb, Annie Klebanoff, Julia Pontes, Sakshi Parikh, Nitzan Rubin, Ram Kanjanavanit and Petronella Aslund.


Roberto Andrade Martini (Location Lighting assignment)


Shaye Babb

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.59.26 PM

Annie Klebanoff

aslund_2015_35mm_203 001

aslund_2015_35mm_210 001

Julia Pontes and Petronella Aslund (Underwater dream series)

Olga-Sakshi Parikh

Sakshi Parikh (Location Lighting assignment)


Nitzan Rubin

Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-4 Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-7

Ram Kanjanavanit

aslund_2015_35mm_269 001

Petronella Aslund (Palmer, Massachusetts)

24/7- Petronella Aslund – GS 15 – Sweden

nellla_3f_107 001

Petronella Aslund


Age: 22

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

What were you doing before ICP?

Before ICP, I worked for an online magazine, shooting festivals and concerts. Then I started studying in the photo program at Bergh School of Communications in Stockholm. After graduation I applied to ICP and Parsons School and got accepted in both. I had to defer for a year because I was broke and to save up for tuition I started working nights in Postal services.

9:30am: It’s hard to wake up because the school keeps me up all the time. I crawled out of bed and showered (although I didn’t want to!)

10am: Had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I had breakfast in my bed because I have creepy flatmates.

10:30am: To get a glimpse of daylight in my bedroom, I started shoot self portraits until 12.

12:30pm: Got ready to go to school. Left my apartment in Crown Heights at 1pm and I took the 2 train to Times Square. I listened to Game of Thrones audiobook all the way to school while playing 2048 on my phone because it is relaxing.

1:45pm: Walked across super crowed Times Square.

2pm: Attended Production Seminar by Frank Franca till 5pm. Production Seminar is the class where we all get ready for the final exhibition and end of the school year portfolios. This class generally runs till 5:30 because all of us have a lot to say!

5:30pm: I go develop the black and white film I shot this morning.

6:30pm: I get some dinner because I realized I haven’t eaten anything since the bagel.

7pm: I finish my dinner and go scan my negatives in the Digital Media Lab B while printing for my friday class. And since I am a control freak and a perfectionist I end up spending my entire evening printing in the lab because my prints have to be perfect. 

12:30pm:  I get kicked out of the lab because the school is closing.

1am: I get on the Q train from Times Square (2 was running slow) and get off at Prospect Part and walk for about 15 minutes on the dark and empty streets to reach my apartment in Crown Heights.

2am: I realized that I haven’y eaten anything since 6:30pm so I have a bowl of yogurt and watch Elementary which is so exciting that I can’t sleep. Then I start watching FRIENDS on Netflix so that I can sleep as my annoying flatmate is snoring loudly.

4:30am: Off to bed.

10am: I get up after 5 hours of sleep to head back to ICP again because I have so much work to do!

Photographs of the Week- April 21, 2015

First week of the spring term!!! Works by Petronella Aslund, Julia Pontes, Roberto Andrade Martini, Elizabeth Herring, Shaye Babb, Annie Klebanoff, Sakshi Parikh, Wirasandi Ruslan, Akshay Bhoan and Ram Kanjanavanit. Have a look!

aslund_2015_35mm_216 001

aslund_2015_35mm_208 001

aslund_2015_35mm_162 001 Petronella Aslund & Julia Pontes (Underwater Dreams Series)


Roberto Andrade Martini

ChinatownFair 016

Elizabeth Herring (China Town)


Shaye Babb

3F_Misha_janeHotel_10_April_2015 001

Annie Klebanoff


Sakshi Parikh

W71_8817 GSBlog

Wirasandi Ruslan

Hex_1` 019

Hex_1` 007

Hex_1` 010

Hex_1` 014

Akshay Bhoan (Montauk, New York 2015)

_AMK0053 brnjamin-

Ram Kanjanavanit