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Current work – Zachary Pintchik GS 17

Pintchik Hardware (1 of 6).jpgPintchik Hardware (2 of 6).jpg

 In My Father’s Basement

At the beginning of my year at ICP I started working on a project about my family’s hardware store. Pintchik Hardware celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013 and our current location at the corner of Bergen Street and Flatbush Avenue has been operating since 1963. As the family business has shifted more toward real estate, the hardware store has shrunk in size – what was once a sprawling store with separate departments for paints, carpeting, and window blinds, is now a cramped, vestigial sliver of its former self. Pintchik Hardware will move to a new location later this year, two doors down from its current space.

I gathered this selection of still-life images from a series visits to the basement of the hardware store, and to its new location, currently under construction. When I went to photograph the basement for the first time I thought I might find some secrets my family had hidden away from the public eye. Instead only found the clutter that had appeared as we prepared to move the store into its new space, covered in a fine layer of dust.

Pintchik Hardware (3 of 6).jpgPintchik Hardware (4 of 6).jpg
Pintchik Hardware (5 of 6).jpgPintchik Hardware (6 of 6).jpg






Current Work – Poupay Pinyodoonyachet GS 17

Poupay_GSblog_04.jpgPoupay_GSblog_07.jpgAwkward Pleasures

Coming from Thailand, the land of absurdity, I took this habit of capturing these peculiar traces with me everywhere.
Since I started seeing them, there is no such thing as a boring day.



Current Work – Dani Lessnau GS 17



In this ongoing work I am using the camera as an extension of my body, looking at the elastic quality of perception as it relates to the elusive nature of my own sexual desires. It explores the tension that exists in oscillation between the roles and definitions of male/female, subject/object, and romantic/erotic; where the dynamics of power surface and shift within them.



Current Work – John Kilbane GS 17

w_BQE Pigeon 001.jpg

I fall asleep to the hum of tires rolling on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The din ebbs and flows, at once a river and an ocean. The roar somehow vibrates a loose piece of what sounds like metal inside my apartment. I peer outside, toward the bright gleam of oxidized steel, but everything seems to be in place. It yawns, I stretch, and we retreat to our sleepy business, both groaning under the weight of things.

w_BQE Pigeon 002.jpg

The spaces, shadows, and sounds conjured by this invasive structure, left-over from the age of autopia, draw me in because of its utter antagonism to pedestrians. The BQE was designed precisely to bypass the local, to get efficiently from A to B. What goes on under the awning beneath the elevated highway, around the canyons carved between neighborhoods, homes, schools and parks?

w_jmk bqe 002.jpg

The BQE itself is a photograph of sorts, a long exposure created in the postwar boom, carving out a long tail of associations. It’s best experienced in discreet slivers: glimpsed between streets, yawning underfoot at an unexpected overpass. My work under the BQE is an attempt to shore up these discrete elements. If photographs slice off bits of time from the unmediated flow of history, then I offer up my own brief encounters, the detritus of so much detritus: the unmatched glove, the missing tire, the broken chair, the seed that sprouts from steel.

Student Work – Talita Zaragoza

Talita Zaragoza – Alumna GS 14 – Brazil

Talita Zaragoza, born in São Paulo in 1985, works mainly with drawings and photography. In 2008 she received her B.A. in Fine arts and in 2010 her Master’s in Art History. Since 2012 she has lived in New York, where she studied at the ICP – International Center for Photography’s on the General Studies one-year course. Living in Brooklyn, Zaragoza develops her personal projects inspired mainly by nature, by the micro and macro, action and reaction, transience and permutable aesthetics. She also works as Studio Manager for the artist Janaina Tschäpe.

Artificial Landscapes: The Greenhouse Project

Nature and more-over landscape design have always enchanted me. This attempt of humanity to dominate, to shape and control nature is not recent; for a very long time we have this need to control and to reaffirm our power over nature.
This phenomenon happens with greenhouses with on another level, where in addition to the manipulation of size and specimen of plants used, there is the creation and maintenance of the entire environment with controlled temperature and light. It is like a magical place hidden from the rest, a sort of bubble.
The fogginess that occurs on the lenses is a result of the change in temperature, used in my favor as a way to reaffirm the fact that this is not a natural environment while also providing a sense of dreaminess and imagination.
Reflecting on this, it came to me a suggestion where it will happen an inversion. At this moment there are few artificial landscapes and many natural ones. In maybe 60, 80 years from now, due to global climate change, deforestation and other threats, this situation might invert and we will have more artificial and only a few “real,” natural landscapes. These few real ones, will be protected and closed to the public just like the Lascaux caves (quoted by Baudrillard in “Simulacra and Simulation”); and there will be a reproduction, or a simulacrum of them, so that we may experience the ancient real landscapes.

Student Work – Kathryn E Harrison

Kathryn Harrison – Alumna GS14 – United States

Side of the South
Born and raised in the American South, I grew up aware of the views others held of the Sunshine State. However, today, in Florida the ongoing joke is you must go north in order to get to the South. Due to the overwhelming number of tourist attractions and high-rises full of part-time residents, only about 1 in 3 Floridians were born in the state, which is the second-lowest ratio in the US. According to the US Census Bureau, South Florida continues to rank among the top five metropolitan areas in the United States for having the widest disparity between rich and poor. South Florida may be booming with record-breaking real estate development and sales, but the marginalized working-class communities continue to struggle. The stereotypical South has long been fictionalized in representations, constantly under attack by outsiders yet heavily desired. As a multi-generational Southerner, I was afraid to confront my deeply rooted connection, lost in an identity limbo. What we have inherited–as Southerners today–comes with a hefty price. This work led me to many unexpected but familiar places, and propelled me to discover moments where I truly felt at home in a place I have always felt so conflicted about.

Student Work – Rodrigo Lopez Gomez

Rodrigo Lopez Gomez – GS15 – Mexico


Geometry is the ultimate reference for all the observe and create in the physical world. This visual compositions are created through the arrangement of discarded furniture in the streets of New York City.

The series documents the juncture where functional domestic furniture begin their new status as garbage and pollution. I am to construct a unified vision of the city through the use of materials whose conditions and existence is the byproduct of a demographic phenomena of the city itself.

Photographs of the Week- June 1, 2015

It’s three weeks to our final show and all of us are running around to meet the deadlines! Let’s see what the GS students are up to amidst the chaos! Works by Shaye Babb, Izabela Jurcewicz, Ram Kanjanavanit, Nitzan Rubin, Julia Pontes, Petronella Aslund, Kirsten Murphy and Sakshi Parikh.


Shaye Babb

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Izabela Jurcewicz (Ongoing Series)


Ram Kanjanavanit


Nitzan Rubin (If Tattoos Told the Truth)

aslund_2015_35mm_208 001 aslund_2015_35mm_192 001 aslund_2015_35mm_187 001

Julia Pontes & Petronella Aslund (Underwater Dream Series)

aslund_2015_35mm_391 001aslund_2015_35mm_342 001 aslund_2015_35mm_272 001

Petronella Aslund (Palmer, Massachusetts)


Kirsten Murphy

zigsaw copy

Sakshi Parikh

Photographs of the Week- May 3, 2015

As we all are running around trying to meet deadlines, here is the first post of this month! Presenting works by Roberto Andrade Martini, Shaye Babb, Annie Klebanoff, Julia Pontes, Sakshi Parikh, Nitzan Rubin, Ram Kanjanavanit and Petronella Aslund.


Roberto Andrade Martini (Location Lighting assignment)


Shaye Babb

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.59.26 PM

Annie Klebanoff

aslund_2015_35mm_203 001

aslund_2015_35mm_210 001

Julia Pontes and Petronella Aslund (Underwater dream series)

Olga-Sakshi Parikh

Sakshi Parikh (Location Lighting assignment)


Nitzan Rubin

Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-4 Swimmer_Lettice_Graham-7

Ram Kanjanavanit

aslund_2015_35mm_269 001

Petronella Aslund (Palmer, Massachusetts)

Photographs of the Week- April 21, 2015

First week of the spring term!!! Works by Petronella Aslund, Julia Pontes, Roberto Andrade Martini, Elizabeth Herring, Shaye Babb, Annie Klebanoff, Sakshi Parikh, Wirasandi Ruslan, Akshay Bhoan and Ram Kanjanavanit. Have a look!

aslund_2015_35mm_216 001

aslund_2015_35mm_208 001

aslund_2015_35mm_162 001 Petronella Aslund & Julia Pontes (Underwater Dreams Series)


Roberto Andrade Martini

ChinatownFair 016

Elizabeth Herring (China Town)


Shaye Babb

3F_Misha_janeHotel_10_April_2015 001

Annie Klebanoff


Sakshi Parikh

W71_8817 GSBlog

Wirasandi Ruslan

Hex_1` 019

Hex_1` 007

Hex_1` 010

Hex_1` 014

Akshay Bhoan (Montauk, New York 2015)

_AMK0053 brnjamin-

Ram Kanjanavanit