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A Day in the Life of a Student

Alumni News – Alexandra Catiere

Alexandra Catiere GS’04 has a solo exhibition Nobody Believes That I’m Alive at Le Cri des Lumieres, Meurthe-et Moselle, Lorraine, France, February 1 – March 25

24/7- Petronella Aslund – GS 15 – Sweden

nellla_3f_107 001

Petronella Aslund


Age: 22

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

What were you doing before ICP?

Before ICP, I worked for an online magazine, shooting festivals and concerts. Then I started studying in the photo program at Bergh School of Communications in Stockholm. After graduation I applied to ICP and Parsons School and got accepted in both. I had to defer for a year because I was broke and to save up for tuition I started working nights in Postal services.

9:30am: It’s hard to wake up because the school keeps me up all the time. I crawled out of bed and showered (although I didn’t want to!)

10am: Had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I had breakfast in my bed because I have creepy flatmates.

10:30am: To get a glimpse of daylight in my bedroom, I started shoot self portraits until 12.

12:30pm: Got ready to go to school. Left my apartment in Crown Heights at 1pm and I took the 2 train to Times Square. I listened to Game of Thrones audiobook all the way to school while playing 2048 on my phone because it is relaxing.

1:45pm: Walked across super crowed Times Square.

2pm: Attended Production Seminar by Frank Franca till 5pm. Production Seminar is the class where we all get ready for the final exhibition and end of the school year portfolios. This class generally runs till 5:30 because all of us have a lot to say!

5:30pm: I go develop the black and white film I shot this morning.

6:30pm: I get some dinner because I realized I haven’t eaten anything since the bagel.

7pm: I finish my dinner and go scan my negatives in the Digital Media Lab B while printing for my friday class. And since I am a control freak and a perfectionist I end up spending my entire evening printing in the lab because my prints have to be perfect. 

12:30pm:  I get kicked out of the lab because the school is closing.

1am: I get on the Q train from Times Square (2 was running slow) and get off at Prospect Part and walk for about 15 minutes on the dark and empty streets to reach my apartment in Crown Heights.

2am: I realized that I haven’y eaten anything since 6:30pm so I have a bowl of yogurt and watch Elementary which is so exciting that I can’t sleep. Then I start watching FRIENDS on Netflix so that I can sleep as my annoying flatmate is snoring loudly.

4:30am: Off to bed.

10am: I get up after 5 hours of sleep to head back to ICP again because I have so much work to do!

24/7 – Claudia Retegan – GS 13 – Romania


Claudia Retegan
Age: 28

Hometown: Romania

What were you doing before ICP?

Before ICP, I took a sabbatical year off working in advertising. It was an opportunity for me to realize what I really wanted for myself both on a personal and professional level. Having studied Graphic & Communication Design in the U. K. and working for another 3 years as an art director, my roots lie deep in advertising and graphic design. Before I moved to NYC, I was living in Bucharest, a city of contrasts. I had a cute, fluffy cat named Dante who I miss very much!  I used to love riding my bike everyday, going through Bucharest’s notoriously chaotic traffic.

9am: It’s hard to wake up. I stayed late last night in ICP, printing in the darkroom. Time for a quick shower? Nah.

10am: Ran to a copy shop that Per recommended to print the first copies of ‘Blame it On Your Parents.’

11:30am: Got to ICP and flattened the prints I made the day before.

12:30pm: Lunch at the Japanese place close to school. Miso soup and salmon sushi.

1pm: Just heard Aperture is coming for career day. I tried to sign up for it but all places were already taken 😦

1:30pm: Meeting with Allen Frame for help with sequencing  before career day. It’s always so good to meet Allen. Greatest voice ever.

2:15pm: Returned the Polaroid camera to the cage. It’s the last day to return cameras. Kay was there, she saved my ass as usual.

2:30pm: On my way to Chelsea. It’s the last seminar so Marina is taking us to see some shows to take some pressure off and take a break from thinking about portfolio printing

3pm: Yossi Milo Gallery, catching up with the group. I hope I didn’t miss out too much in Aperture since I had already been to the Martin Parr opening. Takuma Nakahira’s show is really inspiring, a clutter of images snaps of a place and time with a deliberately fucked up aesthetic.  

4pm: ICP Triennial. Luis Molina Pantin and AK Burns, two artists in the exhibition, [resent their work. It’s always nice to see how other artists talk about their work.

5pm:Back to class for the last seminar critique. It’s getting sentimental here. I’m going to miss this next year.

7pm:It’s raining outside. We stop for wine and cheese on the way to Travi’s place.

8pm: Post-seminar get-together chez Travi. Some people cooked. Vinni couldn’t come but he sent pizza. Marina’s making mojitos. We talk about past years and life after ICP

11pm: We are the last leaving the party, Martina, Kasumi, Alex, Dan, and I. We go to Brooklyn for a beer. Hell, why not? It’s not like I’m going to get any work done tonight. We end up in the Lucky Dog. Who walks in the door? Francesco, former ICP student! We both love the darkroom. Tonight, we love beer.

24/7 – Huguette Ampudia – GS 13 – Mexico


Huguette Ampudia
Age: 36
Hometown: Mexico

What were you doing before ICP?
I was a freelance portrait, architecture and wedding photographer in Mexico City.

7am: Sleeping.

8am: Snooze my alarm clock a couple of times, thinking I’m not a morning person and I prefer afternoon classes.  Get up, take a shower, get dressed, have my morning milkshake, brush my teeth and smear sunblock all over my face.

9am: Of course I don’t leave the apartment until after a quarter past 9 so it’s too late to take the subway, it takes 10 minutes to find a cab and now I’m $18 short.

10am:  Fashion class with Frank Franca, putting something totally different on the wall from what I was going to shoot because I couldn’t find a male model so I had to go in a different direction.

11am: Fashion class critique, with a 15 minute break to have another cigarette.

12pm: More critique and Frank’s slides, where he shows us how it’s possible to mix fashion and fine art photography.

1pm: Lunch break. I’m not hungry, but I think it might be better to go to Crave to buy a sandwich. I leave Crave with only a coffee and go hang out on the stairs to catch up with Carmen before we go to class.

2pm: Per Gylfe’s Fine Art Printing class. Working on my portfolio, making prints and hanging them on the wall. Everybody is going crazy, so there is a lot of stuff there, and it’s hard to find a spot to put the prints.

3pm: Still in class, no break, no time for it.

4pm: Worrying that I only have one more hour to print and I would like to ask Per his opinion about my portfolio.

5pm: We have half an hour extra with Per, and it’s worth it! I’m a very happy camper to be able to make one more print.

6pm: I remember that I haven’t eaten. But I now Crave is closed and I want my sandwich. The weather is nice so I walk to Grand Central, and I take the 4 or 5 train to 86th and Lexington.

7pm: Finally home, I still haven’t eaten anything, but I go to the back yard to sit and have a cigarette. I think that if I have to move in July I’m going to miss my garden a lot. I don’t want to think about leaving or classes ending because I’ll get sad, so I shake the thoughts out of my head and remember I have to eat something.

8pm: In the fridge I only have milk and large format film, so I have to go to the supermarket. I walk to Fairway, I buy everything I need and a lot that I don’t, and head back home with more bags that I can handle. I would like to go out and have a drink, but everyone is busy or lives in Brooklyn, far from the Upper East Side.

9pm: I make a tuna sandwich, and another mental list of everything I forgot to buy at the supermarket. My phone rings: it’s the Friday call from my best friend, who lives in Chicago.

10pm: Time for a Netflix or iTunes movie or series.

11pm: Freaking out cause I don’t have business cards, web page or leave behinds, so I plug my hard drive to the computer, but I’m so tired and still hungry so I make another tuna sandwich.

12am: I am still without a web page, business cards or leave behind, and there are too many questions in my head! Thinking about how many hours I can sleep if I want to have an early Saturday start and if I can go to ICP and work there instead. Visualizing my self in the lab during Sunday late night hours.  Maybe I’m forgetting something, so I check my phone again, calendar, notes and reminders, nothing there, so I go to Instagram and upload a couple of photos. Last cigarette before I brush my teeth and go to sleep and realize I have insomnia!!!

24/7 – Rodrigo Rosenthal – GS 12 – Brazil

Rodrigo  Rosenthal_Rewired_01

Rodrigo Rosenthal
Age: 33
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

What were you doing before ICP?
Before ICP, I was working as a commercial photographer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shooting mostly corporate and editorial assignments. I developed a deeper sense of artistic vision and personal work within this year at ICP.

7am: Too early for me…

8am: It’s time. If I am feeling energetic – which depends whether I stayed in ICP late last night or not – I try to hit the gym.

8:30am: Still in the gym…or bed.

9am: Shower and go!

10am: First lecture of the day: 10 to 1. Color lab! Darin Mickey and his colorful personality makes it fly by. A little magenta…Subtract 3 magenta. This reverse stuff, at first, messes with your head.

1pm Lunch time: Crave and Spirulina!

2pm: Back to work, dude. Seminar: time to get some feedback. Not always easy… but it builds your character. It will make you a better artist. Guaranteed.

4pm: Coffee break…

6pm: End of seminar. Time for some tough choices: you either go home and read some text for the next day/week or stay in the digital media lab until 9 and work/print your images.

9pm: Time to go home, before my wife decides she no longer misses me…

11:30pm to 12am: Call it a day. There’s always tomorrow.

24/7 – Eileen Roche – GS 12 – USA

Eileen Roche

Age: 28

Hometown: San Francisco, California

What were you doing before ICP?

I’ve already tried out a couple of career paths…after graduating with degrees in Sociology and International Relations, I worked in mentoring, tutoring, and family outreach programs and later, substitute-taught in grades K-5. Eventually, I found myself in a producer/project manager role at a brand strategy firm in San Francisco and worked on website development, book projects, films, and many different kinds of advertising campaigns. All the while I was shooting events and engagement photos on the weekend. After applying to ICP and quitting my job, I spent a few months traveling and volunteering in South America before moving to NYC!

8am: Last night the school was open late to full-time students, so I’m still sleeping!

8:30am: Shower, breakfast

10am: Waiting for the train. Call the framer to confirm my art for the exhibition is ready to pick up. Call my print lab – the film I dropped off last night won’t be ready until after class.

11am: To the framers. The pieces look great, but I notice some dust behind the glass. I wait while they take them apart and put them back together. Take a cab to ICP so I don’t dent the frames on the subway. So excited to drop them off (and 5 days early)!

12pm:  I have a few hours before class, so I go to a cafe to work on my artist statement and project title.

2pm – 6pm: Seminar: no one is showing images, today is all about writing. We give feedback on the text that will accompany our art on the wall for the exhibition. Later we receive the list of editors, gallery representatives, and agencies that will be at Career Day. Scary and exciting!

6pm: Pick up my film in Chelsea, back to ICP to scan the negatives

9pm: To a cafe to fine-tune my wall text, which is due first thing in the morning.

12am: On the train home and to bed

24/7 – Kenneth Pizzo – GS 12 – USA


Kenneth Pizzo
Age: 23
Hometown: New York

What were you doing before ICP?
I was and still am working towards my photography BFA at St. John’s.

7am: Wake up, fall back asleep, wake again and rush into the shower while brewing coffee.

8am: On the train into the city, heading in early to buy supplies before Alternative Processes class. Frantically look for stores that carry the paper I’ve become attached to.

8:30am: Third store has the paper and a nice enough portfolio box for tomorrow’s critique. Guest critics invited, things must look neat and prepared.

9:30am: Second coffee with a donut in the student lounge before class begins.

10am: Class starts, luckily my exposure times are long enough that I can also juggle printing in the digital lab simultaneously.

11:30am: Hour and a half later and I have a single print that I’m happy with, although now I’m questioning if I like the image itself.

1pm: Clean up the mess I made in class, make sure prints are drying properly on the racks to leave overnight. Time to grab lunch at my favorite food cart and head to the mounter to inspect work for the exhibition.

2pm: Back at school, ate too much to hold me over for the rest of the day.  Digital lab appointment to work on prints for career day portfolios and extra prints for tomorrow’s crit. Impressive guest critics are already making me nervous.

3pm: Two prints done. Just tweaking images that are nearly completed.

4pm: Help a classmate with a zine layout.

5pm: Four prints done.

6pm: Take a break to grab a coffee, rest my eyes and stretch my legs. Second wind starts up.

9pm: Leave the lab feeling satisfied. Head home.

9:30pm: Get home, have some tea and start writing prepared notes for tomorrow’s critique. All prints are ready and I have a loose idea of how I’m going to lay them out on the wall.

11:30 pm to 12am: Exhausted but got a lot done, ready for 10 months of hard work to be critiqued tomorrow…feeling confident.