About the General Studies in Photography Program at ICP

The General Studies program represents a unique and exciting opportunity for students from anywhere in the world who are ready to be challenged in photography: to reach for higher levels of creative self-awareness, to deepen their understanding of the medium as a whole, and to further their technical proficiency.

To achieve these goals, students receive the full support of ICP’s faculty, a dynamic group of photographers, artists, writers, filmmakers, activists, and curators with an exceptional diversity of approaches, who share their individual perspectives and experiences with the students in the context of a wide-ranging and stimulating curriculum. Each and every faculty member at ICP is actively engaged in his or her own work, and many have achieved remarkable degrees of success in the form of publications, exhibitions, and awards.

The General Studies curriculum encompasses both current trends in photographic practice and a strong grounding in the history of the medium. It is the largest and most diverse of the full-time programs at ICP, and can accommodate students interested in documentary, fashion, and other applied forms of photography, alongside those interested in investigating what it means to use photography to dialogue with other contemporary art practices.

There exist myriad ways in which to engage with the photographic medium in all its splendid and sprawling diversity. Graduates of the program have gone on to attend graduate school, form agencies, write and publish books, travel and exhibit all over the world, and teach. Some have also used the program to round out other professional pursuits, such as film-making and journalism. All are part of an ever-growing community of people who are defining how photography can serve as a tool and a testament to their place, time, and vision.

Marina Berio
Chair, General Studies in Photography Program

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