Alumni News – Tomo Morisawa, Nathalie Guio, Igor Morales, Paula Lombardi

tomo_morisawa2.jpgSuccessful Failure: Opening Reception: December 9th, Friday, 7pm – 11pm

Featuring work by Tomo Morisawa, Nathalie Guio, Igor Morales, Paula Lombardi (Space 776 Gallery)

Successful Failure is a show of work by Alumni from the International Center of Photography. In this exhibition Alumni from the 2015 GS program put together their recent work after graduating. The show is about the process of creating, the process of finding the language of expression, and the process in between that leads us to fail, and then succeed.

“Horror, metamorphosis, clarity, being on the beam with life – to feel the pull of life.  All is true.  To create is not imagination is to take the great risk of owning reality. The immersion where everything else falls away.  Form which develops without conscious direction.  To take the sacred risk of chance.  And to substitute fate for probability.  The ultimate goal is to abolish limit.  To understand is to create.  Lost track of time… The world, the real is not an object.  It is a process.  To lose is to find.  Successful FAILURE.” ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Text composed with parts of a dialogue between Clarice Lispector, John Cage, Agnes Martin, Rebecca Solnit, Bruce Conner, George Bataille) 

The text we made is a composition of phrases from artists that inspire us in a very strong way. Clarice Lispector, John Cage, George Bataille, Agnes Martin, Bruce Conner, Rebecca Solnit.  We believe there is a connection between them, and that there is a lot of honesty behind what they pose which we feel very connected to, that sums up in some way the meaning of that metamorphosis.

Paula_Lombardi_02.jpgTomo_Morisawa.jpgIgor_Morales_2.jpgNathalie_Guio -2.jpgPaula_Lombardi_01.jpgIgor_Morales_1.jpg