Student Work – Talita Zaragoza

Talita Zaragoza – Alumna GS 14 – Brazil

Talita Zaragoza, born in São Paulo in 1985, works mainly with drawings and photography. In 2008 she received her B.A. in Fine arts and in 2010 her Master’s in Art History. Since 2012 she has lived in New York, where she studied at the ICP – International Center for Photography’s on the General Studies one-year course. Living in Brooklyn, Zaragoza develops her personal projects inspired mainly by nature, by the micro and macro, action and reaction, transience and permutable aesthetics. She also works as Studio Manager for the artist Janaina Tschäpe.

Artificial Landscapes: The Greenhouse Project

Nature and more-over landscape design have always enchanted me. This attempt of humanity to dominate, to shape and control nature is not recent; for a very long time we have this need to control and to reaffirm our power over nature.
This phenomenon happens with greenhouses with on another level, where in addition to the manipulation of size and specimen of plants used, there is the creation and maintenance of the entire environment with controlled temperature and light. It is like a magical place hidden from the rest, a sort of bubble.
The fogginess that occurs on the lenses is a result of the change in temperature, used in my favor as a way to reaffirm the fact that this is not a natural environment while also providing a sense of dreaminess and imagination.
Reflecting on this, it came to me a suggestion where it will happen an inversion. At this moment there are few artificial landscapes and many natural ones. In maybe 60, 80 years from now, due to global climate change, deforestation and other threats, this situation might invert and we will have more artificial and only a few “real,” natural landscapes. These few real ones, will be protected and closed to the public just like the Lascaux caves (quoted by Baudrillard in “Simulacra and Simulation”); and there will be a reproduction, or a simulacrum of them, so that we may experience the ancient real landscapes.