Annie Frame – Alumna GS 15 – United States

Tell us a little bit about your work.
I created this zine during my last semester while still determining my final project. At the time I was beginning to draw a lot and was scanning old childhood photographs. In the end, everything compiled into this diaristic space where I could evoke the reader into my certain subconscious thoughts regarding family, art, and identity.

What would you say to people considering applying to the General Studies program?
A year goes by quite quick, the best advice I can give is to push outside of your comfort-zone and experiment. But more than anything, utilize having access to such great facilities.

What impact has the experience of going through a book making class during your year at ICP?
I feel like I have a real perspective of what it takes to get a book actually printed and distributed. Having publishers right there to answer your questions and guide you was extremely informative, if you’re serious about making a book this is the class to take.

What does your work printed as a book manifest?
Things revealed and concealed. There’s symbolic gestures and clues on every page. I hope the book can be layered even if it’s also outspoken.  

Can you describe the GS student community and what makes it special?
It’s unique because everyone is from all over the world, everyone is facing similar challenges and getting to know each other’s work intimately, and because of this it naturally builds a bubble of support. It’s a great feeling to know someone is beside you feels the same, or that there’s someone there to give you constructive feedback or technical advice during and after you graduate.

What were you doing before ICP and what are you planning to do now that you have finished?
I live in New York City, so I was shooting and taking Continuing Education classes at ICP before enrolling. Since graduating, I’m focusing on editing my work from over the past two years, I just became a member at Baxter Camera Club, and I’m working on a new photographic project as well.