Alumni & Faculty News – Alex Nathanson, Ayumi Tanaka, Mark Alice Durant

MATA Interval Presents: I/O: An Evening of Multimedia Performance curated by Alex Nathanson for the Museum of the Moving Image, March 7, is featured in Art F City in “This Week’s Must-see Art Events: Edit Your Heart Out”.

Alex Nathanson GS09 is featured in “Experimental Sound at the Museum of Museum Image” in OMNI Reboot.

The Three Traumas curated by Jorge Alberto Perez MFA12 with Teresa LoJacono MFA12 at the Camera Club of New York, and Developed: Three Emerging Photographers with Ayumi Tanaka GS10 at United Photo Industries are featured in Feature Shoot “Feature Shoot Recommends Top 10 Photo Events and Happenings in New York March 2-8“.
Faculty member Laura Larson is featured in Saint Lucy, published by faculty member Mark Alice Durant.