Alumni & Faculty News – Valentina Medda, Zoe Buckman, Carlos Motta, Eri Morita

Valentina Medda GS09 is in the group show Counterfeiting for Cash at Flux Factory, Long Island City, February 27 – March 22

Eri Morita GS96 is featured in Feature Shoot

Faculty member Carlos Motta is in a 2-person show, Ornament, with Amie Siegel at the Simon Preston Gallery, February 22 – March 22[exhibition-image]/2/

Eri Morita GS96 is profiled in The Daily Mail in “Inside the suburban bubble: Immigrant mom captures her daughter and her pampered friends growing up in privilege far-removed from her own humble childhood”

Zoe Buckman GS09 has a solo show Present Life at Garis & Hahn, February 24 – March 28