Alumni & Faculty News – Paula McCartney, Jen Davis, Anja Hitzenberger, Eri Morita

Paula McCartney GS96 has a new book, A Field Guide to Ice and Snow (Silas Finch) and 2 photographs from her series Bird Watching have been acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Faculty member Jen Davis is featured in Beautiful Decay

Faculty member Anja Hitzenberger GS91 has a solo show “vollschlank” at Ordination Dr. Hollmann & Dr. Lhotka OG, Vienna, Austria, as part of eyes-on: Monat der Fotographie, Vienna’s biennial photography festival, November 14 – February 28

Eri Morita GS97 is the winner of the JGS Photography Contest, Third Quarter, at the Forward Thinking Museum, in a competition juried by Deputy Director of Programs Phil Block and faculty member Ed Kashi