Alumni & Faculty News – Valentina Medda, Jen Davis, Malin Fezehai, Florence Montmare

Valentina Medda GS09 and Roberta Marroquin Doria GS09 are in the group show She Views Herself, curated by Doris Kloster at Galerie 6 Mandel, Paris, France opening October 23

Faculty member Jen Davis and ICP adjunct curator Vince Aletti speak on the panel The Nude Portrait and the Nude Self-Portrait: the Psychology of Exposure, sponsored by the Robert Giard Foundation, at the School of Visual Arts, October 18

Malin Fezehai GS04 published a portfolio A Kind of Purgatory: African Refugees in Israel in Burn Magazine

Nona and Florence Montmare GS00 are in the group show Sixteen Sweet at the Ivy Brown Gallery, October 23 – November 1