Alumni & Faculty News – Allen Chen, Claudia Sohrens, Yael Ben-Zion, Felix Swensson, Anja Hitzenberger

Allen Chen GS10 is part of the group pop up exhibit Driveway, curated by Alessandro Teoldi MFA13 in Brooklyn, July 9

Faculty member Claudia Sohrens GS98 is the recipient of an A.I.R. Fellowship

Yael Ben-Zion GS07 has photos on exhibit at the Cell Theater in conjunction with the play The Religion Thing: Yael will speak at the theater July 9 ; Yael is profiled in Touch Base

Felix Swensson GS10 photographed The Vice Guide to Stockholm 2014

Faculty member Anja Hitzenberger GS90 is in the group show Salzbourg Dans Le Monde Mitgebracht / Rapporte at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, June 17 – 28 ; Anja is also in the group show Cool Art Cafe, Brussels, Belgium  June 27 – 29<