Alumni & Faculty News – Fryd Frydendahl, Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen, Monika Bravo, Frances Denny, Giada Ripa di Meana

Fryd Frydendahl GS09, Brendon Stuart PJ08 and Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen GS94 are in the group show The Street is Watching at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, Denmark,  June 12 – September 12

Monika Bravo GS95 speaks on the panel Delineating Colombia: Contemporary Artists Re-tracing Nature at the Bard Graduate Center, June 26

Frances Denny GS10 won the first prize in Student Photography at Lens/cratch

Giada Ripa di Meana GS99 opens an event The Last Testimonies of Russian Literature, July 1, Spazio, Milan, Italy