Monthly archives of “May 2014

Alumni & Faculty News – Antonia Wright, Frances Denny, Martine Fougeron, Ed Pollard, Pax Paloscia

Antonia Wright GS08 is in the group show Between You and Me at Vanity Projects, May 8 – June 26

Frances Denny GS10 is in the RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Providence, May 16 – 31

Faculty member Martine Fougeron GS06 has a solo show Heart of the South Bronx: Trades curated by Elisabeth Biondi at The Point, May 17 – July 19

Ed Pollard GS02 photographed the Chrysler Museum for Antiques Magazine

Pax Paloscia GS07 and Gabriele Stabile PJ07 are in the group show Studio14 experience//MOODBOARD 2.0 at the White Noise Gallery, Rome, Italy, May 10 – 31



Alumni & Faculty News – Gaston Solnicki, Paige Stoyer, Monika Bravo

Gaston Solnicki GS03 is interviewed on NY1

Paige Stoyer GS08 is in the group show Rwanda, 1994-2014: Seven Photographers at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Fine Art Galleries, the University of San Diego, April 24 – June 6

Monika Bravo GS95 is reviewed in El Tiempo