Alumni & Faculty News – Roberta Marroquin Doria, Gillian Laub, Michi Jigarjian, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon

Roberta Marroquin Doria GS09 photographed Carolina Herrera for Hola Argentina and is profiled in L’Oeil de la Photographie

Faculty member Gillian Laub GS98 in in The New York Times Magazine story “Where the World’s Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away”

Michi Jigarjian GS09 MFA12 and Libby Pratt MFA12 launch Mold: Pedestal Issue 1 from  Secretary Press with contributions from Nica Ross MFA12 and faculty member Nancy Davenport at Printed Matter, March 7

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 are quoted in “Protest Action Erupts Inside Guggenheim Museum” in Hyperallergic and are interviewed in Art in America. Dhillon is also quoted in the PRI story “Protesters take over the Guggenheim on behalf of workers a world away”