Alumni & Faculty News – Emile Hyperion Dubuisson, Valentina Medda, Ayumi Tanaka, Tina Ruisinger, Amin Husain, Nitasha Dhillon, Osvaldo Ponton, Matthew Carson, Victor Sira, Shiori Kawasaki

Emile Hyperion Dubuisson GS07 published the book FAR, with a foreword by Boris Mikhailov, from ADAD Books

Valentina Medda GS09 has a show Presence – Intervention sur Cartes Postales at Recollets, Paris, opening September 10

Ayumi Tanaka GS10 received the Grand Prix award at the Tokyo International Photography Competition which will be shown at the Tokyo Institute of Photography, August 21 – September 8 and in NYC at United Photo Industries, Brooklyn, September 5 – October 26

Faculty member Joni Sternbach NYU/ICP87 is interviewed in Foam Magazine

Tina Ruisinger GS96 is in the Bodrum Bienali, Bodrum, Turkey September 2 – November 2 

Amin Husain GS10 and Nitasha Dhillon GS10 wrote “The Slow, Sure Death of Palestine” for Creative Time Reports

Osvaldo Ponton GS10 is profiled in Issuu magazine

Staff member Matthew Carson, ICP Library blogger Russet Lederman, faculty member Victor Sira PJ91 and Shiori Kawasaki PJ07 organized 10×10 American Photobooks, an exhibition and catalog, with essays by faculty member Bernard Yenelouis, at the Tokyo Institute of Photography September 11 – October 6