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Alumni & Faculty News – Bernard Yenelouis, Martine Fougeron, Christopher Morris, Allen Frame, Joni Sternbach

Yours truly, faculty member Bernard Yenelouis is a participant in the group show Complimenta II, curated by Clara Chapin Hess and Sarah Elliott, at The Manse, Enfield, NY, August 23 – 25

Martine Fougeron GS06 and Christopher Morris GS81 are discussed in the PDN article “Why Gerhard Steidl Is a Book Publishing Master”

The award-winning feature film FOUR, co-produced by faculty member Allen Frame, will be released on September 13 through AMC Theatres and 306 Releasing. FOUR will be shown in eight major cities across the country, including New York, where the film will be shown at the AMC Loews Theatre at 19th Street and Broadway. There will be a one-night Premiere screening at BAMcinematek on Sept 10th at 7:30pm.

Faculty member Joni Sternbach NYU/ICP87 is profiled in Lenscratch, with a new publication Promise Land (Cafe Royal Books, 2013)

Alumni & Faculty News – Rita Leistner, Martine Fougeron, Pradeep Dalal, Ben Gest

Rita Leistner GS01 has an essay in the anthology Memory of Fire: Images of War and The War of Images, edited by Julian Stallabrass (Photoworks, 2013) ; Memory of Fire is reviewed by Karen Jenkins for the Photo-Eye blog

Martine Fougeron GS06 has a solo show Teen Tribe at The Gallery at Hermès, September 20 – November 8. The show is in conjunction with Martine’s new book Teen Tribe, a World with Two Sons (Steidl, 2013)

Faculty member Moyra Davey organized the One Minute Film Festival 2003-2012 exhibition and screening currently at MASS MoCA which includes films by faculty member Pradeep Dalal MFA05, Chelsea Goodchild MFA05, Jeff Luckey MFA05, Mitchell Goodman MFA05, faculty member Laura Larson,and faculty member Megan Cump

Faculty member Ben Gest, faculty member Andrea Modica, faculty member Joni Sternbach NYU/ICP87, and faculty member Hank Willis Thomas are in the group show About Face: Contemporary Portraiture at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO, August 9 – January 9, 2014

Fryd Frydendahl, Carlos Motta, Corinne May Botz, Pradeep Dalal, Joshua Lutzm Heather O’ Brien, Jean-Christian Bourcart

Fryd Frydendahl GS09 has a portfolio Vinter and an interview in Vice Magazine

Lectures by faculty members Carlos Motta, Corinne May Botz, and Pradeep Dalal MFA05 and Joshua Lutz MFA05 at CalArts for its Visiting Artists Lecture Series are now on line, introduced by Heather O’Brien GS09

Faculty member Jean-Christian Bourcart is profiled at

24/7 – Claudia Retegan – GS 13 – Romania


Claudia Retegan
Age: 28

Hometown: Romania

What were you doing before ICP?

Before ICP, I took a sabbatical year off working in advertising. It was an opportunity for me to realize what I really wanted for myself both on a personal and professional level. Having studied Graphic & Communication Design in the U. K. and working for another 3 years as an art director, my roots lie deep in advertising and graphic design. Before I moved to NYC, I was living in Bucharest, a city of contrasts. I had a cute, fluffy cat named Dante who I miss very much!  I used to love riding my bike everyday, going through Bucharest’s notoriously chaotic traffic.

9am: It’s hard to wake up. I stayed late last night in ICP, printing in the darkroom. Time for a quick shower? Nah.

10am: Ran to a copy shop that Per recommended to print the first copies of ‘Blame it On Your Parents.’

11:30am: Got to ICP and flattened the prints I made the day before.

12:30pm: Lunch at the Japanese place close to school. Miso soup and salmon sushi.

1pm: Just heard Aperture is coming for career day. I tried to sign up for it but all places were already taken 😦

1:30pm: Meeting with Allen Frame for help with sequencing  before career day. It’s always so good to meet Allen. Greatest voice ever.

2:15pm: Returned the Polaroid camera to the cage. It’s the last day to return cameras. Kay was there, she saved my ass as usual.

2:30pm: On my way to Chelsea. It’s the last seminar so Marina is taking us to see some shows to take some pressure off and take a break from thinking about portfolio printing

3pm: Yossi Milo Gallery, catching up with the group. I hope I didn’t miss out too much in Aperture since I had already been to the Martin Parr opening. Takuma Nakahira’s show is really inspiring, a clutter of images snaps of a place and time with a deliberately fucked up aesthetic.  

4pm: ICP Triennial. Luis Molina Pantin and AK Burns, two artists in the exhibition, [resent their work. It’s always nice to see how other artists talk about their work.

5pm:Back to class for the last seminar critique. It’s getting sentimental here. I’m going to miss this next year.

7pm:It’s raining outside. We stop for wine and cheese on the way to Travi’s place.

8pm: Post-seminar get-together chez Travi. Some people cooked. Vinni couldn’t come but he sent pizza. Marina’s making mojitos. We talk about past years and life after ICP

11pm: We are the last leaving the party, Martina, Kasumi, Alex, Dan, and I. We go to Brooklyn for a beer. Hell, why not? It’s not like I’m going to get any work done tonight. We end up in the Lucky Dog. Who walks in the door? Francesco, former ICP student! We both love the darkroom. Tonight, we love beer.

Alumni & Faculty News – Bernard Yenelouis, Mark Alice Durant, Giada Ripa di Meana

Faculty member Bernard Yenelouis performs in a time-based improvisational sound work with musician Taylan Cihan at Station 923 in Ithaca, NY, August 9 Faculty member Mark Alice Durant is featured in Dear Dave magazine #14 Giada Ripa di Meana GS99 is featured in… Read More

Alumni & Faculty News – Athena Torri, Darin Mickey, Flemming Ove Bech, Spencer Tunick, Lara Tabet

Ann Woo PJ08 , Athena Torri GS10, faculty member Barry Stone, Daniel Kukla PJ08 , faculty member Darin Mickey, and Flemming Ove Bech GS09 are in the group show Blog Re-Blog at Signal, Brooklyn, August 2 – 11

Spencer Tunick GS90 is in the group show The Good, The Bad and The Visionary at The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery, La Cieneguita, Mexico, August 3

Lara Tabet GS13 is a Juror Pick for the Daylight Magazine Photo Awards 2013

Alumni & Faculty News – Felix R. Cid, Rafael Gamo, Glada Ripa di Meana, Anja Hitzenberger, Jerry Vezzuso

Felix R. Cid GS05 has a Kickstarter campaign for his project Ecstasy: Rafael Gamo GS09 curated Here There, Acá Allá – Photographic dialogues between generations and cultures at 601 Artspace, August 16-18. Giada Ripa di Meana GS99 is reviewed in GUP Magazine;… Read More