24/7 – Huguette Ampudia – GS 13 – Mexico


Huguette Ampudia
Age: 36
Hometown: Mexico

What were you doing before ICP?
I was a freelance portrait, architecture and wedding photographer in Mexico City.

7am: Sleeping.

8am: Snooze my alarm clock a couple of times, thinking I’m not a morning person and I prefer afternoon classes.  Get up, take a shower, get dressed, have my morning milkshake, brush my teeth and smear sunblock all over my face.

9am: Of course I don’t leave the apartment until after a quarter past 9 so it’s too late to take the subway, it takes 10 minutes to find a cab and now I’m $18 short.

10am:  Fashion class with Frank Franca, putting something totally different on the wall from what I was going to shoot because I couldn’t find a male model so I had to go in a different direction.

11am: Fashion class critique, with a 15 minute break to have another cigarette.

12pm: More critique and Frank’s slides, where he shows us how it’s possible to mix fashion and fine art photography.

1pm: Lunch break. I’m not hungry, but I think it might be better to go to Crave to buy a sandwich. I leave Crave with only a coffee and go hang out on the stairs to catch up with Carmen before we go to class.

2pm: Per Gylfe’s Fine Art Printing class. Working on my portfolio, making prints and hanging them on the wall. Everybody is going crazy, so there is a lot of stuff there, and it’s hard to find a spot to put the prints.

3pm: Still in class, no break, no time for it.

4pm: Worrying that I only have one more hour to print and I would like to ask Per his opinion about my portfolio.

5pm: We have half an hour extra with Per, and it’s worth it! I’m a very happy camper to be able to make one more print.

6pm: I remember that I haven’t eaten. But I now Crave is closed and I want my sandwich. The weather is nice so I walk to Grand Central, and I take the 4 or 5 train to 86th and Lexington.

7pm: Finally home, I still haven’t eaten anything, but I go to the back yard to sit and have a cigarette. I think that if I have to move in July I’m going to miss my garden a lot. I don’t want to think about leaving or classes ending because I’ll get sad, so I shake the thoughts out of my head and remember I have to eat something.

8pm: In the fridge I only have milk and large format film, so I have to go to the supermarket. I walk to Fairway, I buy everything I need and a lot that I don’t, and head back home with more bags that I can handle. I would like to go out and have a drink, but everyone is busy or lives in Brooklyn, far from the Upper East Side.

9pm: I make a tuna sandwich, and another mental list of everything I forgot to buy at the supermarket. My phone rings: it’s the Friday call from my best friend, who lives in Chicago.

10pm: Time for a Netflix or iTunes movie or series.

11pm: Freaking out cause I don’t have business cards, web page or leave behinds, so I plug my hard drive to the computer, but I’m so tired and still hungry so I make another tuna sandwich.

12am: I am still without a web page, business cards or leave behind, and there are too many questions in my head! Thinking about how many hours I can sleep if I want to have an early Saturday start and if I can go to ICP and work there instead. Visualizing my self in the lab during Sunday late night hours.  Maybe I’m forgetting something, so I check my phone again, calendar, notes and reminders, nothing there, so I go to Instagram and upload a couple of photos. Last cigarette before I brush my teeth and go to sleep and realize I have insomnia!!!