Student Work – Mark Zaharis

Mark Zaharis – GS 13 – USA

The photograph can allow us to experience something that perhaps we ourselves did not live through. It can give us an insight into friends that we do not know, views that we cannot see, opinions that we do not share, and into a life that we do not live. It can expand our view of the world in a split second, or narrow it down to one fine point in just as much time.

A photograph doesn’t simply allow us to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It gives us a fleeting glimpse into the experiences behind those eyes. It provides an opportunity for both the photographer and the viewer to come to an understanding about a subject, to create a shared emotion. This is what I love about making photographs; the connection I have with a person I’ve never met, knowing that they are experiencing an emotion that is mine with all of the intensity as if it were their own. I’ve yet to come across a stronger way to convey a message that I feel important, than allowing someone to experience for themselves.