24/7 – Rodrigo Rosenthal – GS 12 – Brazil

Rodrigo  Rosenthal_Rewired_01

Rodrigo Rosenthal
Age: 33
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

What were you doing before ICP?
Before ICP, I was working as a commercial photographer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shooting mostly corporate and editorial assignments. I developed a deeper sense of artistic vision and personal work within this year at ICP.

7am: Too early for me…

8am: It’s time. If I am feeling energetic – which depends whether I stayed in ICP late last night or not – I try to hit the gym.

8:30am: Still in the gym…or bed.

9am: Shower and go!

10am: First lecture of the day: 10 to 1. Color lab! Darin Mickey and his colorful personality makes it fly by. A little magenta…Subtract 3 magenta. This reverse stuff, at first, messes with your head.

1pm Lunch time: Crave and Spirulina!

2pm: Back to work, dude. Seminar: time to get some feedback. Not always easy… but it builds your character. It will make you a better artist. Guaranteed.

4pm: Coffee break…

6pm: End of seminar. Time for some tough choices: you either go home and read some text for the next day/week or stay in the digital media lab until 9 and work/print your images.

9pm: Time to go home, before my wife decides she no longer misses me…

11:30pm to 12am: Call it a day. There’s always tomorrow.