24/7 – Eileen Roche – GS 12 – USA

Eileen Roche

Age: 28

Hometown: San Francisco, California

What were you doing before ICP?

I’ve already tried out a couple of career paths…after graduating with degrees in Sociology and International Relations, I worked in mentoring, tutoring, and family outreach programs and later, substitute-taught in grades K-5. Eventually, I found myself in a producer/project manager role at a brand strategy firm in San Francisco and worked on website development, book projects, films, and many different kinds of advertising campaigns. All the while I was shooting events and engagement photos on the weekend. After applying to ICP and quitting my job, I spent a few months traveling and volunteering in South America before moving to NYC!

8am: Last night the school was open late to full-time students, so I’m still sleeping!

8:30am: Shower, breakfast

10am: Waiting for the train. Call the framer to confirm my art for the exhibition is ready to pick up. Call my print lab – the film I dropped off last night won’t be ready until after class.

11am: To the framers. The pieces look great, but I notice some dust behind the glass. I wait while they take them apart and put them back together. Take a cab to ICP so I don’t dent the frames on the subway. So excited to drop them off (and 5 days early)!

12pm:  I have a few hours before class, so I go to a cafe to work on my artist statement and project title.

2pm – 6pm: Seminar: no one is showing images, today is all about writing. We give feedback on the text that will accompany our art on the wall for the exhibition. Later we receive the list of editors, gallery representatives, and agencies that will be at Career Day. Scary and exciting!

6pm: Pick up my film in Chelsea, back to ICP to scan the negatives

9pm: To a cafe to fine-tune my wall text, which is due first thing in the morning.

12am: On the train home and to bed