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Alumna News

Maria Burns GS09 directed a fashion video Tendance Brute for Interview magazine Advertisements

Student Work – Jan Cieslikiewicz

Jan Cieslikiewicz – GS 13 – Poland

I have amassed a relatively large archive of photographs over the last couple of years. Last fall I spent time working with this archive in a more deliberate way.  What emerged is a story of escape from the daily grind of a modern lifestyle. It is a partly fictional, partly documentary body of work about finding solace in nature, adventure and a journey. The photographs were taken on a series of trips around the world, as well as in New York, but they are not about specific locations, but rather about a state of mind.

Student Work – Kalen Roach and Don O’Brien

Kalen Roach and Don O’Brien – GS 13 – USA

These pieces were made by Kalen Roach and Don O’brien (St John’s sophomores) by scanning the trailers of specific films, played on a laptop screen–so computer screen up against scanner bed. The image is determined by the resolution settings.

1. Star Wars The Phantom Menace
2. Avatar
3. Forest Gum

Student Work – Wu Hao

Wu Hao – GS 13 – China

“Who Am I” is a self-portrait project, in which I see myself as a “Culture Mixer.” I grew up in China, studied and lived for few years in Japan, and now I am in America. You can see Chinese characters on my jacket, English on my pants, and Japanese on my headband simultaneously in these pictures. Such an erratic combination reflects the complex feeling of being influenced by all of these different cultures. This specific character (myself) has been involved in the daily life in the US everywhere. I intended to express a form of self-reflection and self-exploration in this project, through that balances between real and fictional compositions in different scenarios.

Alumnus News

Kristoffer Axen GS09 is profiled at

Alumni News

Leonora Hamill GS03 has a solo show Art in Progress at Tristan Hoare/Wilmotte Gallery, London, February 15 – March 28, Paul Nathan GS08 has a new book, Couture Dogs of New York, reviewed by the (UK) Daily Mail,–Photographer-gives-rare-insight-wacky-world-dog-couture.html and in Fashionista and in the Examiner,

Alumnus News

Kristoffer Axen GS09 is in the group show Varsalongen at Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm, Sweden, January 25 – March 24 Vårsalongen 2013; Kristoffer has a solo show at Munch Gallery, NYC, March 16 – April 14. Munch Gallery