Alumni News – Zoe Buckman

Zoe Buckman GS’09 is in the group exhibition Re-Imagining a Safe Space at the Nathan Cummings Foundation

Faculty News – Allen Frame

Faculty member Allen Frame is the recipient of a 2017-2018 Rome Prize

Alumni News – Kalen Na’il Roach

Kalen Na’il Roach GS’13 has a solo exhibition King Within a King at Deli Gallery, LIC, April 14 – May 7; Kalen is interviewed about the work in Paper Journal

Faculty News – Andreas Rentsch

Faculty member Andreas Rentsch GS’90 shows work at Candela Gallery at the upcoming AIPAD; he will be in the group exhibition The Art of Narrative at the Hecksher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY April 15 – April 15, 2018, in a group show at the Patchogue… Read More

Alumni News – Rhea Karam

Rhea Karam GS’07 is in the group exhibition Action at a Distance at the Angela Meleca Gallery, April 6 – May 27